What About The Economy?

Could there be a better example of the extreme hubris of the dot com era than Wired's article "The Long Boom"? I think not.

One Man & The Bottle

Using the excuse of work/life tension for drinking too much is stupid. I do it anyway.

Black Holes In My Head

A theory that the big bang was in essence the last black hole swallowing the last bits of matter from an old universe and then exploding out the other end to create a brand new universe. Big Fart Theory.

Never Surrender

California passed a new law that was basically a way to rip off employees that regularly did overtime...like me.

The Choice Is Yours

It's interesting that in the two decades since this essay, the anti-abortion coalition has been less in your face but even more effective behind the scenes at eroding a woman's right to choose.

Looking Out For #1

Temp agencies taught me what it's like to be a disposable hunk of meat, shipped off to shitty job after shitty job until you either burn out or you finally gain long term employment.

School Is Cool

Let's prepare kids that don't want to go to college with vocational school training for higher paying trade jobs.

Royal Court Of Punk

Despite all its free thinking ideals, a lot of punk rockers are very narrow minded in their acceptance of things outside the norm of "punk" be it fashion, music, attitudes etc.

War = Money

American wars have never been about the lofty idealism of freedom. Rather it's a tried and true tool to stimulate the economy while securing resources to keep that economy chugging along at top speed.

Kill Your Television

They could not have designed a better tool for doling out propaganda and making sure they wash it down with a nice half hour sitcom to ease your mind.