This is about how a cause becomes the "it" thing for a brief, shining moment and then is dropped for another, trendier cause just around the corner.

Aliens: Friend Or Foe?

If humanity needed to colonize a new planet to save our species, we would do so by force if necessary. Who's to say aliens would be any different?

We Are What We See

In an effort to shift focus from our own miserable lives, we devote countless hours to watching games and reading celebrity gossip.

Wedge: True American Hero

This is about the behind the scenes people that make change happen but never get the limelight the more charismatic leaders do. All wrapped up in a Star Wars analogy. Sweet.

Work Hard, Play Hard

The best way to succeed at work is to put in extra hours, kiss your bosses ass and volunteer for extra work, which doesn't leave much time for an actual life outside of work.


Rather than being some divine creation moved by the hand of an omnipotent deity, we are just elaborate cases for our genes to multiply in a world created and sustained by random events.


An anti-homophobic rant. This was right when gay bashing was becoming a national trend so I thought it was a good time to address this issue.


LOL at thinking mega shopping centers would disappear instead of spreading like a locust plague across the country. Can't always be right!

sXe Soapbox

If I wanted to hear a lecture on how I'm not living my life correctly, I'd go to church, preferably Catholic for the extra dose of guilt.

The Underground

By continually co-opting counter culture, companies capitalize on hipster's inherent need to be seen as "different" from the mainstream.