Apocalypse Hope

Humanity has an amazing ability to hope against hope that growing problems like global warming, oil shortages, terrorism etc. will just go away if we pretend they don't exist.

Third Party

It's insane to believe that all Americans fit into two different political camps yet every election cycle you vote Democrat or Republican or render your vote meaningless.

What Drug War?

This is my theory that the government is complicit if not outright aiding drug manufacturers in an effort to keep certain segments of the population from rebelling.

Punk Ads

Although punks pride themselves on being different, it's amazing how strict the rules are. Just by looking at one byproduct of the culture, advertising, you can see just how conformist it really is.

The Myth Of Anarchy

People tend to romanticize the best parts of anarchy, like self-rule, while glossing over the raping & pillaging that would occur in the absence of a formalized, enforceable set of laws.

jesus christ Superstar

A lot of bums think they are the son of god. What if jesus was just another one of these schizophrenic people hearing voices and seeing visions and interpreting this as god himself?

Who's To Blame

This is about the never ending cycle of blame laid on music and television for our violent society. This essay seeks to focus that blame on the actual culprits: politicians.

Proposition 187

Back in the 90's, California passed a law banning illegal immigrants from utilizing public schools and hospitals. Naturally this was widely criticized in punk circles but to me this was a wake up call to the federal government to understand California could not bear the burden by itself.


Here we have a heavy handed satire about MTV dictating people's choice in music. Although MTV isn't the powerhouse they once were, the issue is still the same. Most people like to have the hits spoon-fed to them so they can listen to what everyone else is.

Socialization Of Medicine

People continue to be convinced that universal healthcare will somehow be worse than a for profit medical system that receives lower ratings than dozens of their socialized counterparts.