Johnny Law

Of course an institution with almost unlimited power over private citizens will abuse that power but, when that institution has an army of trained foot soldiers that can legally murder you, how do you even fight back?

The Stock Market Of Misery

The stock market brings out the worst characteristics of capitalism: greedy owners handsomely rewarded for reducing labor costs through constant downsizing.

MTV Ruined The Pit

The mosh scene was ruined after an influx of jocks figured out they could get away with beating people up if they disguised it as moshing. Where did they learn about it?


Guns are bad. They've been bad forever. Every year there's a mass shooting bigger and bloodier than any before. Why are we still allowed to buy them in mass quantities, or at all?

Resource Management

Unchecked deforestation and ocean harvesting have hastened the impacts of global warming but it's nice to be able to get gourmet coffee on every street corner and eat fake Chilean sea bass for dinner.

Am I Still Punk?

I always thought punk was in your heart and not your hairdo. Now I look like every other faceless cube dwelling corporate drone so the only place punk can be is on the inside!

Freedom Men

Refusing to pay taxes while reaping all the benefits those taxes provide isn't a super noble cause in my book.

The New Wave of Religious Fascism

This was written when abortion clinic bombings were picking up and the Religious Right began taking over the Republican party. Just as valid today as not much has changed...

Would You?

In the 90's, a DIY punk band selling out to a major label was a BIG deal. Nowadays, I don't even think this moral conundrum registers as of course you would sell-out.

Politics As Usual

Politicians cleverly wield emotionally charged issues to distract voters from the real fiscal and environmental crimes being committed against them by these same politicians.